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Our Code Of Ethics

The Code of Ethics for Private Tennis Court Development sets out considerations, objectives and performance requirements to be applied to the construction, use and illumination of private tennis courts. The technical specifications for construction and lighting installations are available in the 'Residential Tennis Court Lighting Code' and 'Guide Specifications for Tennis Court Construction' produced by the Sports Contractors Association.

We will operate at all times in a manner that will enhance the reputation of the Sports Contractors Association.We will make all reasonable efforts to reveal all material facts to potential clients and we will be guided by the policies of honesty and integrity in our words and in our deeds.We will refrain from either unfairly criticising any other member or members or improperly denigrating the business, work, products or reputation of any other member or members.We will ensure that we advertise in an accurate manner which is not designed to be misleading.We will not be satisfied with less than the highest quality of workmanship, attention to detail, consistency of performance and efficiency of management in the installation of materials and equipment and in the construction and renovation of tennis courts and other sporting surfaces.We will fulfil all contractual obligations, offer a reasonable warranty on materials, equipment and services and will perform on such warranty where justifiable claims are in order.We will deal fairly and openly with our associates, competitors, customers and the public within the limits of the law.