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Choosing A Contractor

Tennis court construction is a highly technical civil engineering discipline. Choosing the correct contractor may in fact determine the overall success of the project (investment).

Determining factors in choosing the right company:

1. The contractor should be a member of an accepted premium professional body e.g.; Sports Contractors Association of Australia .

2. The contractor should have extensive experience in constructing the type of court you want and in the area you want.

3. The contractor should be aware of state and local law relating to the construction of tennis courts and subsequent lighting.

4. The contractor should hold all insurances to protect the client including:- Workcare, Public liability, Product liability and Whole of Works. If you are not sure ask your contractors to show evidence of the same.

5. The contractor should provide sufficient guarantees for all work and products. Ask your contractor to explain who backs the guarantee and what will be done in the event of a claim being necessary.

6. The contractor should be licensed to carry out the appropriate works. Ask your contractor to show his relevant registration card.

7. Has the contractor won any industry awards for similar works.

8. What projects has the contractor constructed in the past.

9. Be certain that the contractor you choose is fully responsible for the entire project. Remember if the contractor suggests you handle any section or pay a sub contractor directly, then responsibility for the courts integrity may finish with you.

*Refer to check list to assist in contractor choice.

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